Gravit-Eye Portable Eye Wash Station - 16 Gallon

Gravit-Eye Portable Eye Wash Station - 16 Gallon

SKU: S90320

  • 16 gallon self-contained gravity-flow portable eyewash station
  • Water is fed through dual spray heads for maximum effectiveness
  • Delivers over 14 gallons (53 litres) of water over a 15 minute period
  • High-Viz green body is easily located in case of emergency
  • Heavy wall construction with reinforced ribs ensures strength and durability
  • Water flow is activated by pulling up (on) or down (off) on bright yellow tray
  • Integrated full flow nozzle delivers gentle spray of water
  • Waste water is directed through drain opening in tank basin
  • 3’ drain hose directs waste water into floor drain or storage tank
  • Furnished with steel wall mounting bracket
  • Can also be placed on flat surfaces such as counter tops
  • Comes with 8 oz. bottle of bacteriostatic additive (S90322) which protects against growth of bacteria, fungus, algae and acanthamoeba
  • Weight: 13 Ibs. empty, 146 Ibs. full
  • Unit comes completely assembled
  • Complies with ANSI Z358.1 for portable eyewash stations


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