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In the food production industry, head and face protection go hand in hand.  Jackson Safety offers a wide range of hard hats, bump caps, face shield adapters and windows to convert your PPE into a singular hard hat/face shield system. 


Converting Slotted Hard Hats Are As Easy As 1-2-3!

1. Choose our Jackson Safety model 14834 SC-6 series white hard hat (or preferred color) featuring our patented 370 Speed Dial headgear and adapter slots

2. Attach our premium Jackson Safety model 14947 face shield adapter for slotted hard hats – features universal pin pattern window mounting system

3. Attach our new Jackson Safety model 29107 8”x15.5”x.035 PETG shape E face shield with anti-fog coating

1. Choose our Jackson Safety model 20186 white bump cap (or preferred color) with face shield adapter

2. Attach our new Jackson Safety model 28764 8”x15.5”x0.35” shape E/N face shield window with anti-fog coating

3. You’re safe to go with a complete bump cap, adapter and anti-fog face shield kit!

Converting Bump Caps Are As Easy As 1-2-3!



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