SureWerx brands have a time-honored tradition of providing safety products and solutions to professional workers in all industries. As our world changed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, SureWerx has been at the forefront of response by providing personal protective equipment to those in need. From respirators to face shields, our wide variety of products provide optimal support to ensure that both the worker and the workplace meet the new standards of operational safety.


COVID-19 has forever changed the workplace in food production plants around the world. Processing plants in beef, pork, poultry and others have new rules and regulations to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. The SureWerx family of brands has the personal protective equipment needed to keep workers safe.

“The health and safety of our team members is our top priority,” said Shane Miller, senior vice president and general manger beef enterprise at Tyson Foods.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the need for enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) in dentistry.  Dental facilities must ensure that PPE is readily available for the safety and security of both staff and patients, and that reusable PPE is properly cleaned and decontaminated between use.

"FEMA recently raised dentists to fourth on the PPE priority list after hospitals, nursing homes and physicians, and has committed to giving the ADA around 2.5 million N95 respirators to distribute among members." (Wall Street Journal, June 4, 2020)